Site officiel
Protection and safeguard
Protection and safeguard

The Syndicat Mixte, in partnership with government services, the Coastal Conservation Authority, and the local authorities, carries out an extensive rehabilitation programme as part of Operation Grand Site.

 Combine fun and safety by following these simple rules:

● make fires anywhere (fire risk)

● throw cigarette ends

● camp or bivouac on the site. Parking camper vans at night is also prohibited in classified sites

● engage in sliding sports on the dune such as skiing, sledding, snowboarding

● the use of motor vehicles on the dune

● engage in paragliding outside authorised areas

● take your waste with you

● do not pick plants and let nature be as you find it

● stay on marked paths

● always keep pets on a leash
Let's protect this living and sensitive natural site together!

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